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John Joe Thompson was born to Frank Thompson and Amie Thompson in Marshall, Texas April 2, in or about 1891 and lived there until 1908. Over the next ten years, John lived in Phoenix, Arizona and Shreveport, Louisiana where he married twice; his first wife Mary Edwards died while giving birth and his second wife Mary Wilson passed away in 1918 while John was away for a year in the U.S Army 15th INF. 92nd Division. Unfortunately, John would never get the chance to have a child from either union. Thompson was honorably discharged at Camp Funston, Kansas in 1918. Following discharge, Thompson moved to Phoenix, Arizona until 1920, thence to Monrovia, California, at which he lived until the time of his arrest in Pasadena, California.

According to court transcripts Thompson was involved in multiple robberies and was said to have been posing as a police officer. In this particular charge, the victim stated, “ he pulled his coat back with his hand in that manner, and said ‘I want you’ …and held a gun this way.” While the other man searched the victim’s pocket taking $3.00, Joe aimed the gun at the victim. “Make him go back north up towards Lincoln”, Joe’s co-defendant is said to have stated after the robbery….” Yes come on back up the street, or I will let daylight shine through you” Joe voiced as the man ran away.

John Joe Thompson was arrested January 3, 1930, at about 3:00 a.m. at Lamanda Park in Pasadena, California, taken to Los Angeles, California and charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, jointly accused with Alvin Jackson Lamb, of robbing at the point of revolver, one Charles Betts of Pasadena of approximately $40.00, on or about December 7, 1929, at about 10:00 p.m. while in an automobile driving about the streets of Pasadena. This count would be a separate charge from the above indictment. Character witnesses for Thompson gave admirable testimonies of his character and consistent employment as a law-abiding citizen. Due to the severity of the charges and the usage of a deadly weapon in the process, a judge sentenced to 1-5 years in San Quentin State Prison.
After four years, Johnson was paroled to Sam Morris of San Bernardino County, farming on the Truck Garden, receiving $1.00 per day, including housing and boarding.


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